Where to get support

Your time at University can be a life-changing experience, but it is not always as easy as it seems. Regardless of how big or small your problem, if you find the right support it can make all the difference. We’ve gathered together some of the services the Union and University have on offer for you.

If you are in immediate danger on campus, please call campus security on 01483 68(3333).

If you are in immediate danger off campus, please call 999.

Peer Support Projects


To access the Nightline phone number, emails and IM service, please click here

Open term time Monday-Friday, 7pm – 7am.

Nightline is a listening service for students, run by trained student volunteers. You can call us to talk about any problem, ask a few questions, or get something off your chest. Nightline is confidential and anonymous, so you don’t have to tell us anything about yourself, not even your name. The content of the call never leaves Nightline.

Make sure you’re following Nightline on Instagram and Facebook – @surreynightline

You can talk to us about any problem, big or small, in complete confidence. We aren’t here to judge or advise you, just to listen and support you through whatever it is you’re going through.

You can find our phone number or instant messaging service here. Just make sure you’re logged in with your University email!

Welfare Watch

Welfare Watch volunteers are here to help you during most Rubix nights out or Students’ Union events, to sober up in a safe environment and help you get home safely. If on a night out you need help or are looking after someone who does then you can find volunteers in the Front Room (just below Rubix), wearing the pink Hi-Vis. Whether you’ve been kicked out, not let in, are stressed or just need a breather and someone to talk to, go say hi to our Student Volunteers!

Make sure you’re following Welfare Watch on Instagram – @surreywelfarewatch

Surrey Student Minds: Positive Minds

Student Minds is a student-led mental health charity which runs Positive Minds, a peer-support group for students experiencing low mood, loneliness or depression whilst at University. The group is led entirely by trained student volunteers and offers a non-judgemental, safe and confidential space for peers to discuss their thoughts and feelings with each other. Positive Minds aims to help students build strategies to keep low mood at bay and facilitate positive interactions between students in similar situations.

The programme is 6-weeks long and will cover various wellbeing topics each week such as building a support network, active stress management, morning and sleep routines, food choices, exercise, relaxation, and positive socialising. You can view our session details here.

Students can attend all six sessions or, drop into any that they like. The in-person sessions run every Monday starting from 25 October at 6.30pm and online every Thursday from 4 November at 6.30pm. If you cannot make the sessions in Semester 1 then don’t worry, another cycle will be taking place in Semester 2!

You can sign up for in-person and online sessions here: Positive Minds (office365.com)

Follow us @studentmindssurrey on Instagram

Want to volunteer with us? Email studentminds@surrey.ac.uk and a member of the team will get back to you!

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All events this month

Your VP Support, wants to hear from you about the topics or causes you are passionate about. They wants to give you a platform to help educate and inform your fellow students about the issues that matter to you.

If you want to share your ideas or feedback you can contact your VP Support on ussu.vpsupport@surrey.ac.uk . If you do not want to be part of the organisation process of the Let’s Talk, that’s absolutely fine as well, just email your idea and they will look into it. 

Let’s Talk videos are a series of videos made by your Student’s Union Support Zone. Look out for Let’s Talk events with guest speakers on the Student’s Union Facebook page

University Support Projects

All the University Support Projects listed below can be booked for a 1:1 appointment here.

Centre for Wellbeing

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope at any point, you can make an appointment to see a wellbeing adviser or counsellor at the Centre for Wellbeing, located on the east side of the Stag Hill campus, next to the Duke of Kent building.

The Centre is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, excluding bank holidays and University closure days. Contact the Centre on +44 (0)1483 689498 or drop in during opening hours.

To book an appointment, please fill in this form and send it to centreforwellbeing@surrey.ac.uk

Disability and Neurodiversity 

The Disability and Neurodiversity team provides support to all students at the University of Surrey with a disability as defined by The Equality Act (2010). This includes: Autistic spectrum conditions, Long-term medical conditions, Mental health conditions, Physical disabilities (see our access guides), Sensory impairments and Specific learning differences (e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia). For more information, please click here

 They also run a weekly mental health support group. If you are interested, please email Siobhan on s.wiseman@surrey.ac.uk


MySurrey Hive, located next to the Lecture Theatre Block within the Phillip Marchant Building, is a central point for all queries related to your student life including: finance, accommodation, careers and employability, transport and visa enquiries.

The space has been designed specifically for students. Open seating areas and pods provide options for informal study and meeting with University staff or mentors and a kitchenette means you can catch up with friends and have additional space on campus to relax.

MySurrey Hive is open between 8:30am - 11:30pm, 7 days a week, but is only staffed weekdays from 9-5.

The Hive can also provide more specialised student support including the following:


Chaplaincy offers the provision of worship and spiritual practices one-to-one pastoral care and he promotion dialogue and peaceful co-existence between people of different faith and belief. The Chaplaincy offers advocacy if you are being discriminated against on the grounds of you faith or belief. 

You can find a list of the places for worship here

Bereavement Support Group

Run by the Students’ Union and facilitated by the Chaplaincy (but non-religious, and welcomes all faiths) the Bereavement support group runs every Tuesday and is a safe space to talk and express their emotional about any bereavement that they may have experienced.

We know that 51% of student experience a bereavement at University (Being Well, Doing Well survey) and your VP Support wanted to do more. So, this group is for any student who has experienced a loss, either recently or in the past. 

To book to join an online group, click here

To book to join an in-person group, click here

Personal Tutors

You will be allocated a personal tutor at the start of your first week at the University, and will normally keep this personal tutor throughout your university career.

Your personal tutor should be listed on your Surrey Self-Serve page under course details. If you are an international student, it is part of your visa conditions to regularly meet with your tutor so make sure you are in contact with them throughout your degree.

Wardens (24/7)

Each court of residence has a warden team who are responsible for residents’ welfare and for disciplinary matters within University Accommodation. Wardens have a day-job within the University but outside of that, they live amongst you in the courts and are available to support you at any time during your stay on campus.

Peer Supporters (University run peer support)

The Surrey Peer Support service is available to all students at Surrey, no matter where you are living or what year you are in. Peer supporters can give you support and guidance from a student’s perspective and signpost you to other services across the University and wider Guildford and Surrey community. If they don’t know the answer to something, they will be able to point you in the direction of someone who does! Peer support will be running remotely this semester via Microsoft Teams, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so if you would like to talk to a peer supporter feel free to email, direct message or book a video/audio slot. You can find out more info on their webpage www.surrey.ac.uk/peersupport and can email them directly via studentpeersupport@surrey.ac.uk

Crisis Support

Crisis and Emergencies: Call Security (24/7)

The security team on campus are here to ensure everyone is safe at Surrey. You can contact the University Security Services on +44(0)1483 682002 or +44(0)1483 683333 or 3333 from any campus phone. They will be able to direct any emergency services to you. 

There is an emergency phone outside the old student services, opposite Hive, where you are automatically in contact with Security. 

If you are off campus you should call 999

Mental Health Crisis (8.30am – 5.30pm)

Call the Centre for Wellbeing on +44(0)1483 689498 or 9498 from any campus phone.

They have an on-call mental health nurse available to deal with any mental health crisis situations in hours. 

Out of hours, you should call security or call the mental health crisis line on 0300 456 8342

Nightline (7pm – 7am, Monday – Friday)

Nightline is a confidential and anonymous service run by students for students from 7pm to 7am every weekday during term time. For more information about Nightline and the phone number, instant messaging service and email address, please click here

Samaritans (24/7)

The Samaritans is a free and confidential listening service which is open to everyone. You can call them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak about whatever is on your mind. 

Coffee, Cake and Chat: The Samaritans cafe (Coffee, Cake and Chat) will be back on campus on Thursdays between 11am – 1pm in the Hive, starting from week 5 of the 20/21 academic year

The Samaritans are also on campus every Sunday in the Hive throughout Exams.

Their national telephone number is 116 123 (this number is free to call). You can email them on jo@samaritans.org. Visit the Guildford branch at: 69 Woodbridge Road, Guildford, GU1 4RD. Usual hours open to receive callers at the door: 9:30am–9:30pm, 7 days a week

Wardens (24/7)

Each court of residence has a warden team who are responsible for residents’ welfare and for disciplinary matters within University Accommodation. Wardens have a day-job within the University but outside of that, they live amongst you in the courts and are available to support you at any time during your stay on campus. 

Independent Support Services

We understand that sometimes you may want to talk to someone not affiliated with the Union or the University.  As such, we hope that this support page will provide some guidance of networks that you may be able to use in worrying times. 

  • If you are elsewhere in the UK, a very useful app is Hub for Hope that outlines all support services available around you. 
  • If you are elsewhere in the world (not in the UK) then here is excellent list of mental health crisis line and services in your country:https://www.befrienders.org/


The Samaritans is a free and confidential listening service which is open to everyone. You can call them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak about whatever is on your mind. Their national telephone number is 116 123 (this number is free to call). You can email them on jo@samaritans.org (UK). 

Samaritans are also on campus Every Thursday 11am – 1pm in the Hive for Coffee, Cake and a Chat!

Find out more here


Togetherall offers an online support platform and forum to promote self-help and a supportive community. You can also find self-help courses and resources for mental health support. 

You can sign up for free with your University email: https://togetherall.com/en-gb/


RASASC stands for ‘Rape And Sexual Abuse Support Centre’ and they aim to support all male and female survivors of rape and sexual abuse in Surrey and the surrounding areas. You can contact RASASC in a number of ways, depending on the support you need. Please visit www.rasasc.org/ for more information.


Catalyst offer help or support for people who are dealing with issues stemming from drug and alcohol abuse. They are Guildford-based and work throughout Surrey and its borders in partnership with a wide variety of statutory and non-statutory organisations and bodies to provide support. You can visit their website, phone them on 01483 590 150, text them on 07909 631623 or email them on info@catalystsupport.org.uk.  


Outline provides support with sexuality and gender identity, including but not limited to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans community of Surrey, primarily through a helpline, website and support groups. You can visit their website, phone them on 01483 727 667 or email them on info@outlinesurrey.org

Safe Haven

Safe Havens provide out of hours help and support to people and their carers who are experiencing a mental health crisis or emotional distress. The Safe Haven Branch in Guildford is located on 101 Walnut Tree Close, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4UQ, open 7 days a week from 6pm to 11pm. To find out more, please click here

Oakleaf Enterprise

Oakleaf is the only mental health charity in Surrey working as a social enterprise to provide vocational training for those suffering from mental health issues. You can visit their website or email them on info@oakleaf-enterprise.org  

Sexual Health

Free STI testing

For free STI testing in Guildford, please click here: Buryfields Sexual Health Clinic in Guildford, Surrey (cnwl.nhs.uk)

If you are 25 or under, you can order a Free STI self-test here: Checkurself

If you require free condoms, please email ussu.information@surrey.ac.uk and one of our C-Card trained staff will be in touch.

Report Someone or Something

When something unwanted happens around campus, you may wish to think about reporting it to the Union, the University or even to the police. There are lots of ways of reporting incidences so we have added some information below which you may find helpful. At the Union, our academic advisors can support you through reporting processes to both the police and the University, just email ussu.advice@surrey.ac.uk for independent advice and guidance on reporting.

Reporting to the Police

You may decide that you wish to report something to the police, and that is ok. We would suggest you call 999 if it is an emergency, otherwise you can call 101 for support.

Reporting to the University/Students’ Union

Report and Support

Report and Support is the best, and easiest way to report something happening. You can report a staff member, another student, or a visitor to the University or the Students’ Union. Not only that, but you can report anonymously or, with your details. You can report abuse, racism, harassment, sexual assault, bullying, mental health concerns for a friend, homophobia or anything else that you are concerned about.

Once you have made your report, someone from the University will be in touch to ensure that you have support in place, and to discuss your report with you to find out what you would like to happen next.

You can access Report+Support here: Report + Support – University of Surrey

Anonymous reporting

You can also use the Report+Support pages to report anything anonymously to the University. Anonymous reporting. helps the University by building up a picture of what is happening on campus, by whom and where. Although the University wont be able to act upon any anonymous reports, it helps identify what is happening so we can keep campus as safe as possible.

You can access Report+Support here: Report + Support – University of Surrey

Reporting to a person

You might find that reporting to a person makes you feel more comfortable and there are lots of people on campus who can support you in reporting:

Security are open 24/7 and can be accessed by calling 2002 from a campus phone, or 3333 in an emergency

You can email your warden if you wish to report something happening in your Halls

For anything within the Students’ Union, you may wish to make a complaint via this page.

You may choose to report to your personal tutor or to any other member of staff.

You can access Report+Support here: Report + Support – University of Surrey

Stalking behaviours

As a Union we are committed to keeping our staff and students safe and this is why we have undertaken training with the Alice Ruggles Trust to become SAfEE Ambassadors (Stalking Awareness for Education Environments).

We know that students can be at risk of stalking behaviours which can be seen as harassment. Stalking is recognised by law in it’s own right and behaviours can include some of the following:

  • Hanging around outside your home, work or lectures
  • Sending or leaving unwanted gifts, messages, texts or emails
  • Repeatedly tagging you in social media posts or monitor you on-line
  • Continue to contact you once you have told them not to
  • Show up wherever you go
  • Threaten to end their lives because they cannot live without you
  • Make up stories to damage your reputation
  • Threaten you or those close to you

Stalkers are controlling, obsessive and fixated and this can become dangerous. If you are in immediate danger or at risk then please call the emergency services: 01483 68(3333) if you are on campus, or 999 if you are off campus.

If you believe that you are being stalked by either a student, staff member or non-student of the University, or if you are not sure, then you can get in touch and have a chat with us about what is happening.

Our SAfEE Ambassadors can help you identify if you are being stalked, and talk to you about what your options of reporting are.

You can either email ussu.advice@surrey.ac.uk for an impartial and confidential chat with a Student Union advisor. Or, see above for your options on reporting someone to the University.

You can access Report+Support here: Report + Support – University of Surrey

Can’t find what you need? Not local to Surrey? Click here to find National support service to help you feel better.