Influence your Union

Whatever you’re studying at Surrey and wherever you’re living, the Students’ Union is here to represent you. With students at the heart of our work, we’re always looking for your feedback and there’s lots of ways in which you can influence your Union.

Make Your Change

Every year students influence their Union’s key campaign for the year.  Launching in October, we will be inviting you all to tell us what you think and vote on your favourite idea. 

Create a campaign

Is there an issue you’re passionate about and want to take a role in addressing yourself? You can influence the Union and University by coming up with your own campaign.  We have a funding application process open to all students to help get your ideas off the ground.

Share your Feedback

We always want to hear your feedback on any aspect of student life, big or small.  Use our feedback form to tell us your views so we can take action.  This year we are also working with the University on a brand new student feedback platform. Your feedback can influence our policies and decisions.  

Across the academic year, we also work with our survey partner, Alterline, who invite a different group of students to give feedback in the Pulse survey each month. We receive the results of the Pulse survey every few months to help shape everything we do for the term ahead.

Lead the way

Take part in the Union’s election process – Surrey Decides!  Any student can nominate themselves to be a Union officer, full time or part time alongside your studies.  Voting in our elections means you are influencing who runs your Union, becoming an election candidate means that could be you. 

How we Use your feedback

At the Union, the whole Officer team and supporting staff work to make sure your feedback is acted on. Here are just some of the things that we’ve achieved directly in response to student feedback: